To my english readers (readme.1st)

Well, apparently there’s going to be a few of you…
I just realized (thanks Brian) that Google’s translator works much better than I expected, even for this kind of texts, so I really suggest you go translate my blog, and you’ll be able to do a bit more than just look at the pics (if i even make them work).
You’ll lose most of the jokes (mainly puns), but they were not that funny to begin with, and happily for you, most of my unnecessary cursing is lost in the process.

Just FYI, now I’m expecting comments from you too!

PS, those who got the joke in the subject REALLY need to start going out more.
Seriously, think about it, you might end up like me.

One Comment to “To my english readers (readme.1st)”

  1. Mirta Legrand Says:

    si tenes huevo el proximo escribilo en portugues gato negro.

    te venis a hacer el yanki aca conmigo que hoy me saque un 10 en ingles 2.

    besis en los codos

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